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Last of the Semester

So I am half way done with my finals. I had one this morning and I have one more tomorrow. I am so happy I am almost done with this semester because it has definitely been the hardest semester so far. I can only hope that next semester will be more smooth and I will be more organized and be better with time management.

One scary thing about being a senior is the fact that I have to find a job after going to school for the last sixteen years of my life.  Everything is about to change. The college lifestyle is stressful, but there is a lot of free time for friends, going out, and napping. Unfortunately this is about to all end, and trying to find the correct direction to go during this recession is scary.

It is like I have been hit in the head with the fact I have to figure my life out in the middle of finals which has been distracting. So it has been hard to sit down and study and put all of my focus on studying because I am drawn to looking at businesses, job openings, and graduate school. I really had to make myself sit down and worry about what is happening now at this moment so I can do well on my exams. I just need to get through this week and then put my focus on the next step I will take after I am done here at St. Norbert. I know that I must not end my last semester without falling into the infamous “senior slide”.

Preparing for Finals

This is the last week of classes and then all that is left is finals. One exciting highlight this week is Blizzard Allison! SNC was canceled due to the severe weather conditions which is a rare occurrence being a residential campus. There was well over a foot of snow that fell between Tuesday and Wednesday leaving everyone at my house stuck inside. Luckily, we managed to get our driveway cleared in a matter of four hours and spent the day making random freezer food and watching movies.

Regarding finals, I am in decent shape. I only have two tests. One is cumulative, but we’re allowed open book/open note, and another that is on the last four chapters we’ve covered. That leaves me with two art critiques to do before I am done! This weekend I am going to the “CCHAMS” dance (A social group on campus) and finishing up some Christmas shopping, so everything is coming to a close.

This year I am also taking my first J-term, which is a three week course during winter break. While I am doing that I will also be working at my internship so things will not be slowing down once the holidays are over. Now it’s just a matter of getting my portfolio and resume together so I can focus on getting a job this next semester. It’s unbelievable that this semester is basically over. Only one more to go!


Thanksgiving this year was something I have been looking forward to for the last month and finally it has come and gone. Wednesday night in the good old town of Iron Mountain, Michigan is when everyone hits the town. It was great to catch up with everyone and I think I saw 70% of my graduating class. Thursday was certainly a greatly anticipated event as my mother is quite the chef. Everything is home made and so delicious that sweat pants or maturity wear is practically required, basically the key is to avoid anything restrictive.

We also took our family Christmas card picture. I told my mom about two weeks ago that the only way I would be in the picture was if we all wore snuggies (totally joking with her). Unfortunately, she purchased snuggies for everyone, including my boyfriend, so now every family acquaintance can see how special we are (I’m not sure my brother-in-law will ever forgive me).

There was a small catastrophe over the weekend. My mother insisted that I use a sample of an exfoliating mask that she got for free in the mail. So I complied and briefly scanned the instructions without much thought. Now most facial masks that I have used stay on your face for 20 to 30 minutes. I saw 20 to 30 on the back of the package and didn’t take the time to look any closer. Turns out that the mask was for circulation and was suppose to be on for 20 to 30 SECONDS!!!!!! Needless to say I burned my face since I left the mask on for 15 minutes and walked around for the rest of the weekend with a red goatee.

Overall, Thanksgiving was a much needed break that left me dreading the next three weeks of school which involves tests, papers, and presentations… Not to mention finals! It’s hard to believe that I am about to enter into my final semester of my time at St. Norbert. Holy Wah!

On the Ball

So here I am in the mall writing this blog from my phone. Why you ask? Because I am so not on the ball.  I always have time for what I need to get done, but I need to work in making the most of my time. Lucky for me, my phone has email capabilities.

So what else is happening … I am currently doing some heavy duty Christmas shopping in Appleton, Wisconsin with my sister and mom. Christmas shopping in college is not an easy thing to do because most college students are broke. I no longer feel right buying a gift for my parents with their money. So this year I have a little more cash and I am doing everything on my own. Pricey yes, but I feel like I have reached the point where using my parents money or making them something is not going to cut the mustard.

Christmas is the time for family and it is the thought that counts, so even if my gift is small, I can feel good about it because the money used was my very own. It’s pretty sad that I am already talking about Christmas when its not even Thanksgiving, but if the radio stations can play holiday music before Thanksgiving, then I can write about Christmas in this blog! 🙂

The Pleasure of November Breaks

11/11/09 at 06:50:16 pm

So it’s already November and there are only 20 days left in the semester. Time is flying by here at St. Norbert. One nice thing about the month of November is the breaks from school for both advisement and Thanksgiving. This week we had Tuesday off, and we will next Wednesday off as well. Then the following week there is Thanksgiving, which is a two day week.

Nothing too exciting has happened since my last entry. I returned back to the good old U.P.-dar-eh this last weekend to visit with the family and regroup. I haven’t been home since the beginning of school, and although thanksgiving is only a few weeks away, I just felt like it was time for a visit. I came back to school on Sunday with a car load of clean clothes and frozen home made food, so I’m defiantly ready for my week!

Overall, I am still recovering from being sick and taking it easy. The weather here has been unbelievably warm and the only major task this week is registering for classes and getting everything set up for my last semester at SNC. It’s hard to believe!!!

Beware of the Flood

Hello everyone. Catching up from last week, Halloween was a success, and made for a very fun weekend (good times, good times). However, Sunday night I came down with a touch of the flu, or something nasty, and I have been recovering since then. Which is zero fun. Since I have been in bed for most of Sunday and Monday, I wasn’t really sure on what to write about until my catastrophe yesterday.

In a certain class, with a certain teacher, I have just not met my usual expectations of being an A to B student. The first exam I completely bombed due to lack of studying. Then just two weeks ago I took a quiz that I felt confident about going into. I left my house yesterday thinking that I had gotten no lower than an A or a B that day. Well, yesterday I got the quiz back… B-freaking-C! I was naturally mad at myself, and also mad at my teacher. So I rode my little 1978 Schwinn back to my house and emailed my teacher asking for help. He asked me to come to his office to go over my exam and the recently bombed quiz. This is when it gets embarrassing.

(Before I continue, first let me say that I am not a crier in general. I am a scrappy, tough little brute from da U.P. EH? Yes, I do cry, but rarely about a poor grade. I know there are more important things. I would also never ever cry in front of a professor about a poor grade.)

So I enter the office and we go over the first quiz and he explains what I did wrong. During this time I could feel the waterworks beginning to well up inside of me. (why is this happening!!!) By the time we got to going over my final exam he actually had to offer me a tissue. All I could say was, “I am sorry, I am not normally this emotional.” Are you kidding me? Now my teacher thinks I am a crazy emotional girl on a grade rampage.

In addition to my bruised pride, I left with a better understanding of what I need to fix, the realization that I have no one to be mad at except myself, and lots of humiliation. Needless to say, my eye level in the class will no longer meet his unless directly asked a question, and hopefully I wont start crying.

Halloween in College

Halloween at any college is highly anticipated by all students. What is not too like? Costumes, parties, pumpkins? But there is always the question of what to be/wear. Freshmen year 90% of all females are guaranteed to choose the most skimpy outfit there is. It is the only time of year where it is socially acceptable to dress this way. Hey ladies I don’t judge, I’ve been there. I did the whole “floozy” costume thing my freshmen year (floozie:(noun) Slang a disreputable woman[of unknown origin]).

However, with time, I have realized that a great costume has to have similarities to what you look like, be fun, and most importantly, you have to feel confident and comfortable. For example a short stout man should probably never dress as Dwight Schrute from the office because he wouldn’t be able to pull it off.

Last year I went as Garth and my boyfriend went as Wayne from Wayne’s World.  Needless to say, it was awesome. This year however, I am trying to hard to be clever and funny while not dressing like a man. Last year took my self esteem down 4 notches when I found myself surrounded by girls in “sassy” costumes. I believe that the key will be to find a happy medium of cute and funny verses weird and/or masculine.

Either way I know that it will be a good time. Just remember to cover up ladies (and gentlemen) the swine is floating around.

In Shape? Maybe not.

The last two weeks I have been throwing myself into a work out routine, and I have to say that I have been sticking with it. As life gets more stressful with midterms, working out keeps me more level and it makes me feel better. After my study abroad in Italy, my eating habits stayed consistent with that of large pasta and carb intake, and the amount of walking declined dramatically when I reentered the US. About 3 weeks ago I was reminded of a dark time, a time when college was new and pizza was a solution to any problem, yes that’s right the dreaded freshman fifteen! The scale was looking a little too familiar to that former depressing number.

My solution has been to lay off the white breads and I have been trying to eat more fish and white meat (my roommates are very fond of the looming smell in our kitchen), and attempting to work out five times a week.

I thought I was doing great until I attended a Body Pump class (a weight lifting class) down in Milwaukee with my Aunt this past weekend. I haven’t been able to get up stairs or even put on a shirt without wincing with pain. The worse part is that the whole class consisted of middle-aged women that are apparently in better shape then me.

I figured by Christmas I would go back and show the ladies at the gym what weight lifting really is, but until then I think icy hot and Motrin will have to get my through this week.

Keep on truckin

“You get what you put into it” is advice I have always been given. From high school sports to school work, and getting into college then getting what you can out of college, this statement applies across the board. More and more I’m finding that this advice is of course completely true, but I think this semester I spread myself too thin and I have become mediocre and tired. (Debbie Downer: won wonnnnn)

One great thing about St. Norbert is you have the opportunity get become really involved. Being involved might not seem important now, but I can tell you that when you sit down to compose a resume you are going to want to fill that baby up.

So here I sit staring at my list of things to do (including writing this blog) and I am just stressed out. ! I got my first exam back in a class today and achieved a pathetic-I-didn’t-really-study CD. This is neither normal nor satisfactory for my normal GPA of 3.6, and since it is a little too early for “senioritis” to set in I have to step up my game.

I think my problem is I never say no and continue to fill up my plate of “stuff.” This is going to have to change. I need to take myself off the mediocre level and up the fantastic level. So here I will sit drinking my Diet Coke at the library and continuing push on while crossing out tasks from my list one by one.