About Me

The first thing people tend to notice about me is that I’m always smiling. Why? Because my life has been awesome, and I am very grateful for that. My name is David Yanda and I’m a first generation freshman student at St. Norbert college. My senior year of highschool I made it to State for Track & Field, ran 6.8 miles a day to school (on Halloween I even dressed up as Luigi for the run), planked a stoplight, was voted King of my class’ Senior Night, had multiple midnight cooking sessions with friends, LANed with fellow gamers until the sun came up, was accepted into the St. Norbert Honors Program, and at the end of my summer four other friends and I hosted a farewell dinner (+ fireworks!) for 40 some classmates before we each went our seperate ways to college. These were some of the highlights to my final high school year, and it was fantastic; college is the next level, and it’s going to be phenomenal. Read on, and capture a glimpse of my freshman experiences at St. Norbert College, one of the greatest colleges in Wisconsin.