As Disturbed Coined It…

I’m down with the sickness, and I don’t want to get up. I remember the days of Ashwaubenon High when getting sick meant getting 8+ hours of freedom out of my day, but now it just means instead of walking through my day, I’m trudging through it. Ah well, welcome to reality! Even though I am feeling rather on the feeble side, it’s fine, as long as I am back in tip-top shape for the weekend. That is something that has not changed since High School.

I enjoy all of my classes this semester. I’m continuing Japanese, a language I certainly do not regret starting here at St. Norbert. Torimoto Sensei is a phenomenal professor. I am also taking Calculus and Philosophy. Both enjoyable enough. My final class is Intro to Bible, and it is not what I expected at all. In a great way though; it’s my favorite class. We just discussed how the story of Noah is not at all one of happy animals, mercy, and rainbows, but one of mass murder and God lowering his expectations of humans. As my professor said in response to all the happy illustrations of the story of Noah, “Where all the bloated corpses!?” I laughed.

I also got to see Coach Boone, Denzel Washington in, Remember in the Titans, give a speech here at St. Norbert as part of Black History Month. It was a memorable speech, and certainly something I will gloat about to my friends not here at SNC. And no, Sunshine did not actually kiss Gary.

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