Winter Break is Here, Brothers Come Near

The most emotional event of break was definitely seeing my older brother, Stephan. It has almost been a year since I had seen him last as he is a member of the US Navy and stationed in Florida. Spending some quality time with him along with my other brother Jake is a special time for me. My two brothers have by far been the most influential forces in my life and the fact that I’m attending St. Norbert, in the Honors Program, and running Track and Field are all in some part because of them. The picture of my brothers and I here is when my family went bowling together over break.

My family also got to meet my girlfriend, Kimberly over break. Oh yeah have I mentioned that? I met someone very special at college! Her name is Kimberly and she lives a floor below me in Bergstrom. She is one of the most kind and polite people I have met here at St. Norbert and is not an inch short of earning the title Lady. This is my first relationship as well as hers and my bones go vibrant with the energy between us! By that, I mean when we are near dopamine shoots off with oxytocin to follow producing that “feel good” sensation and afterwards a pounding heart when she departs. Sorry, I’m a science major, can you tell? But enough about love.

Besides my blood brothers I got to spend some time with my friend-Bros too. We played games, most predominantly Super Smash Bros, cooked, made milkshakes, put on our own little Christmas exchange between us, and of course just conversed with each other deep into the night, sharing our first college experiences! But I could not spend too much time with them as I went back to St. Norbert January 2nd for Track Camp. Although many of them visited me during this time as I live in the Green Bay Area, which was quite thoughtful of them. They even took my shopping since the Cafeteria isn’t open until classes start. Ah, I missed them dearly.

But now break is over, and I’m excited for Track, my classes, and too see all my new college friends again (especially Kimberly)! Let 2nd semester begin!

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