Connections Mentor!

I just started my job that I have been training for since college started at Howe Elementary School. I am a Connections Mentor/Tutor – which means I’ll be traveling to Howe Elementary School to help out in the classrooms and give students the one-on-one time that might not otherwise be available due to staffing numbers. The second part of the job is to “mentor,” children who might not have the most privileged backgrounds. I’ll be planning activities with them and spending one-on-one time that, again, they might not be able to have. Such a rewarding job! I work with other mentors/tutors from St. Norbert as well.

This is also a good time to mention that I also work as a cook assistant at a very fine ($15-$30 a meal) Italian restaurant called Angelina in downtown Green Bay. I would certainly recommend it for anyone (especially for a romantic date!). Typically I’ll be working 24-26 hours a week, but it isn’t overwhelming because half of those hours are during the weekend.

Classes are going well still, for the first time I’ve actually had to really put for the effort in a math class (Calculus) to get the grade I want. But besides that, college has not been stressful at all for me. In fact, my neighbor Peter asked me recently, “Do you even get stressed?” I laughed.

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