So much has happened within the past few weeks! First and foremost, Ballroom Club is amazing. It literally has become the highlight of my St. Norbert College Career. First week we learned the Hustle, then this week we learned the Jitterbug and the Slow Modern. It is so refreshing to dance with my fellow classmates without the dance floor turning into a grind fest like most High School dances were, AND IT’S SO MUCH FUN! Definitely recommend it for anyone even slightly interested in it (+ to all the guys out there, it’s a great way to meet some ladies!).

I also joined a program called Emerging Leaders, which is a  program consisting of a retreat, a group project, and four workshops which all work on bonding within the group and improving on one’s leadership skills. We’ve only had the retreat to Camp Tekawitha where we all got to know each other by participating in ice breaking and team building activities. We also all wrote nice notes to each other (sounds lame, but it was actually really warming!).

My High School, Ashwaubenon, had its homecoming over long break and I got to see a few High School friends as they were back in town. It is so nice to see some familiar faces and keeping in touch with old friends is something I really have enjoyed doing in college. There are college students that don’t keep in touch with old friends and it really is disappointing to see good friends fall apart just because they aren’t close to one another. And the value of a phone call from an old friend/family is so appreciated!

Track is getting intense. I enjoyed High School Track at Ashwaubenon High, but this is just a new level of workouts. This is kind of gross, but I puked for the first time from physically exerting myself. The support from the team was great though. It isn’t like I didn’t complete the workout or it was too much for me, I just pushed myself to a new limit I’ve never been to. That’s looking at it optimistically though, I mean, I still threw up. The team showed a lot of support though, which was awesome. I only heard how throwing up is just testament to how hard someone worked, and now how it was because I was unprepared for the workout. #Communio.

Classes are going well still. I didn’t do as well as I would have liked on a Calculus Test, but it just serves as reinforcement to study harder for the next test, but I also got an A on my first college essay for Honors English, which is just a great way to start off a class.

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