Good News!

Good news, my carpet isn’t moldy! I thank the custodians and their industrial sized fan blowing on our carpet for two days. In other news, I love living on 2nd Floor Bergstrom. Every time I peek in the lobby a game of Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Mario Kart, Mario Party, or Soul Caliber is being played. And on multiple occasions Mario Party has been found to be played later than 1 am. It’s hard to imagine a better floor of guys to live with. I also hung an Iron Maiden (my favorite band) Flag in my roommate and I’s window. Check it out.

Track Fall Practice has started. First order of business: I got new shoes, because my old ones were getting a bit trashed. I was just starting to get shin splits from running on my own, but now with new shoes I’m good to go. I also got voted as Vice-President for Bergstrom Community Council along with our president Alex, secretary Alesia, and treasurer Logan. I’m really excited to start improving life in Bergstrom anyway I can and help put on programs for our Bergstrom residents to take part in! I’m also REALLY pumped for Ballroom Club to begin! I wanted to learn to Ballroom Dance before I moved into St. Norbert, but now I can just do it here! Awesome.

As far as classes go, things are going great. One particular event surprised me was when my Honors English professor got our class’ four page essays back to us with corrections in just two days. I literally just stared at the ground with my mouth open in surprise when I heard the news (looking goofy in front my whole class). I realize this isn’t particularly incredible, but when in High school one of my English teachers took months to get our papers back, and I was just so used to waiting for months that two days just blindsided me. I still really love my intro to Japanese Class and I’m thinking about making my minor Japanese.

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