COLLEGE: Phenomenal, Amazing, and Possibly Moldy?

The shock of college set in the first night I was here, and it was electrifying! I absolutely love it here at St. Norbert; my choice in college could not bring me more joy. So how did it start? I was fortunate enough to be part of the STAR (Students Taking Academic Responsibility) program which called for me to move in early and I became acquainted with the great group that STAR is today. From going to Bay Beach together, to studying and having lunch together, and to just the casual hi around campus, STAR kicked off a perfect start to what I see on the horizon to be a phenomenal college experience. Shout outs to the STAR Mentors, Akeem and Maria, and the rest of the STAR members for making St. Norbert feel like a true home right from the beginning.

OH DREADED CLASSES! Dreaded? HA! Not here at St. Norbert. My first college class ever was Calculus. Sounds not the best? Well, when your professor literally almost knocks their podium over in excitement for teaching you just know the class is going to be great. I think my Japanese professor (we get to call her Sensei which is just the neatest thing) has got to be the nicest lady on Earth, and my Honors English Class pulls me deep into thought just about every class. My last class though is … well it’s okay. It is also great to live in Bergstrom with other Honors Students as well. The atmosphere here just nourishes academic focus and growth, but at the same time there is always some gaming going on or movies going on in the lounge, or baking cookies in the downstairs kitchen. We also got a group together and played Ghosts in the Graveyard, Zombie Tag, and Broom Tag all in the dorm (super fun!).

One of my favorite things to do that I discovered last year about myself, is going night running, and this campus is beautiful for it. Every night I go for a run and sometimes my roommate Colton runs along with me. I cannot wait until Track season begins and I can proudly call myself a Green Knight of St. Norbert. Looking forward to bonding with the rest of the Track & Field Team and shoving my limits to a greater level with my fellow teammates.

The only unfortunate event so far was that the Bergstrom second floor bathroom flooded while doing plumbing on it, and our carpet got drenched! So hopefully no mold decides to lay claim to our floor, that would just be awful. Other than that, college so far: awesome.

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