First Week DONE Weekend Here We COME

Wow! This first week was a lot to take in with classes, meetings, and track practice. But I am glad to say that I got over this first weeks’ hurdle and I’m looking forward to having a great semester. The three classes that I am really looking forward to are the following: psychology, business and professional speaking, and nonverbal communications. I believe these classes will help me develop a better perspective of the world and people in it.
Finally, with the weekend approaching I plan to use wisely, such as looking into graduate school and even life after college. Because one thing my uncle has always taught me is that “If you fail to plan, you planned to fail.” This teaching has never left my mind. Something to think about: our dreams are what we design them to be, we set our limits and we set our expectation, but the only person who is in the way is “us”.

Stay Classy De Pere/Green Bay/World.

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Winter Break 2011/2012

Hello all blog readers, reporting live in Sunrise, Florida where temperatures are at high of 80 degrees and low of 68. I am David Prosper from WSNC coming to you live. Coming back home and receiving the same loving feeling as had when I left was amazing. But the best part about it was seeing my less than one month old niece and my three year nephew. My time there was very productive because I organized my workout schedule so that would correlate with my family schedule, ultimately spending more time with them. Working out with my good friend every day at the beach was the best thing ever. I became a better athlete, who learned discipline while pushing myself to work harder. Unfortunately, I had to leave before New Year’s Day, but my Christmas was the best one I have ever had, getting together with family, cooking, joking around and singing Christmas carols was memorable. I left knowing that the two weeks that I spent home in Florida was very productive and relaxing. Well until we meet again, I am David Prosper, WSNC.

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Gobble Gobble Thanksgiving!

As the seasons change and the hands of time goes back one hour, the scent of turkey being baked in the oven, mother’s special corn bread, and family ringing door bells start to draw ever close. It’s Thanksgiving, when family put their busy schedule aside to consecrate on “family time”. Although I did not have the chance to go back home to Florida I did have a chance to spend it with my good friend Taylor. Leaving school on Tuesday afternoon, I was looking forward to meeting her parents and the fun activities that we had planned. After going to the Thanksgiving/Christmas parade which was amazing, I received a phone call at 6am on Wednesday from mom overly excited telling me that my niece was born. Having multiple feelings shoot through my nerves, a tear of joy ran down my face to the awesome news I’ve just received. On a scale of 1-10 my Thanksgiving was an 8! Now looking forward to the last two weeks of school and then finals is the last hurdle for the year.

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Ending of the season, but loving all the reasons

When something ends there is always something else that begins. Even though football season has ended, I am still looking forward to the month of November because of class advisement days and Thanksgiving break. This weekend was an emotional one for me. Starting our football season on August 12th and ending today was hard. We finished the season strong as we defeated Lake Forest College 41-6, which made everyone happy, including birthday boy Coach Purtill. I am now looking forward to this upcoming week to do class advising so that I can pick classes focused more on my major. This week I also got the opportunity to see my really good friend Taylor which was awesome because she is one of my really great friends here at St. Norbert. Something to leave you with- when life throws you chicken you make chicken salad; meaning that whatever things come your way in life, a positive mind-set won’t change your situation, but give you courage to manage and cope with it. God Bless.

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Winning Week

AWESOME! AWESOME! AWESOME! That was the week I had! It began once upon a time in little town De Pere, Wisconsin when one day David went to school and his professor decided to go on a week trip. The professor told all of the students that we would have a week off from class to write our paper! David jumped with glee looking forward to the football game that weekend because not only was he playing in it, he was also singing the national anthem. Before he could have a fun filled weekend, he had a test in media law and mathematics, which he passed both with B’s. With the victory of the Green Knights and being recognized in the press gazette for singing the national anthem, he had a winning week.

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It’s that time of the YEAR

Ladies and gents, boys and girls of all ages we bring to you “it’s that time of YEAR,” brought to you by SNC Student blogs. As the weather meteorologist states our daily forecast “partly cloudy high of 50 degrees and some chance of rain,” we know what time it is as we look at the trees changing color and the changing weather. Classes are coming to an end and football season is one game from being over. I am looking forward to advisement day, Thanksgiving, and finishing the semester strong in my classes. Until we meet again bloggers stay blessed!

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An Eventful Week

An eventful week was something to look forward to with things such as our football homecoming game, homecoming dance, Men of Distinction, and a being a student representative at the Board of Trustee meeting. But the fun did not begin until I had a few hurdles in the academic area, which were test and quizzes. Studying for these test/quizzes drained a lot out of me, but with the promising weekend ahead I was motivated to continue moving forward. The feeling of reassurance that my studying paid off kept things positive for me. Friday was an epic day, which made me really enjoy the little opportunity that I had to sleep. That day consisted of me going to class in the morning, then going to the football stadium to practice singing the national anthem, met with the Board of Trustees and did a presentation, met with Men of Distinction, and finally going to the homecoming dance. Game day I participated in the parade to the stadium then we dominated Carroll University ending the weekend on a great victory. I am David Prosper live from WSNC back to you Eric!

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Did The Weekend Just Get Longer?

Professors modifying their lesson plan for only a couple of days were a great reassurance that long weekend was approaching. A feeling of excitement came from within me as I smiled on my way to class. So my professor asked me, “David, you look a lot happier than ever, why”? My response was very simple, “Long Weekend” four days starting on Thursday. So what professors did was let us watch movies pertaining to the topic that we were doing. Being on the road this weekend in Springfield, Illinois, would definitely give the football team time to bond and to turn last weeks lost to a this week’s win. With that said I am really looking forward to this weekend and as soon as I get back is a lot of work for me. Being the Vice President of Student Government Association my upcoming week will be busy, because I have to present a summary of what the SGA executive team has accomplished before the President of the college and his cabinets in the afternoon.  Then I coordinated Men of Distinction to meet that evening and to follow that is our homecoming dance, which was amazing last year and we hope to keep up the great momentum.  I am David Prosper, stay clear De Pere.

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One can plan out step by step how they would like to succeed, but just like baseball we can get thrown a curve ball, so do we hit it or watch it go by? The correct answer would be to hit, but when we’re not prepared for that change up; we usually end up watching it go by. Coach game planned for our next opponent, Monmouth College, and we were ready as ever to beat those guys, but on game day physically we were prepared but mentally it did not correlate with our actions. Suffering a hard defeat left everyone on the team disappointed, but we knew that we could not go back into the past to change certain things. So learning from our mistakes coach pushed us all during practice to become better in every area. Contrary to having tough practices, my professors realized that the previous week was intense so decided to lighten up the workload, which was great because mentally I was exhausted. Making long weekend seem like a vacation even though it was only for a couple of days off from school.

“Adversity doesn’t build up character, but always reveals it.” Let this quote be something that you live by. God Bless, Cheers!

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With football season winding down it is also the time when players become more injured with all the contact.   Losing two our starting running backs due to injuries has caused the second string to step up and fill in the role that was vacant. The transition has not been the easiest, but we got the job done with a large victory over Lawrence University this past weekend. Just like there were changes in football, academics was likewise due to professor’s absent for personal reasons two classes of mine moved their test and papers back. Not knowing that everything was due for me on the same day. Slightly stressful, but I approached the situation with a calm state of mind and when I accomplished everything I was proud because being able to joggle everything and succeeding was refreshing.

One thing to leave you with: the cards that we are dealt are sometimes not in our favor, but it is how we play them that makes the greatest difference. God bless until we meet again.

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