Fast and Furious

Where did the semester go? It is currently the fifth week of school and long weekend is already here. I knew college goes by really fast, but it seems like it goes faster as you grow up. Classes have been going really well so far, my longest classes are on Tuesdays and Thursdays, which I go from 8am -4pm. But it isn’t bad at all since its only two days a week. And last week I had the opportunity to go to our career/internship fair and made a lot of connections with potential employers. Coming from a long trip back to De Pere our football team lost to Monmouth College for a shot at the conference title. But from the lost we learned a lot as a team and are willing to work harder this coming week for our next opponent. As a senior I am learning to appreciate every little moment I have, because there will be a day when I won’t be a college student anymore. So my message to you all, do everything you can do now and not wait for later because tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone. Stay blessed!!

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