Dublin, Ireland!

Hello Readers!!!!!
It feels like forever since we have interacted with each other, but let’s get caught up on the things we missed. School started and I cannot believe that it is my last year as a student here at St. Norbert College, because it felt like it was yesterday I was a freshman flying in from Florida. But I’m also excited that this year the football team had a once in a lifetime experience to travel to Dublin, Ireland, to play John Carroll University from Ohio. Six hours on the plane was definitely new for everyone who was traveling, but finally getting there made it worth it. Before our game on Friday we went on tours around the city and colleges, but my most favorite part about the whole trip was the parade they had for us. All the people in Dublin gathered together to cheer for us as we walked one mile around the college, I must say the greatest feeling I have ever had. Although I had a great time overseas I am more grateful to back to the states, because there is no place like home. And after missing a week of school I know when I came back I would be playing catch up and so far so good and I am near being caught up.

Thank you I am David Prosper, stay cool and follow the rules!

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