Moment for Life

The word of this week is “EVENTFUL” and as you read on you’ll understand why I choose that word. Before you get too far, I want you to close your eyes and think about the BEST weekend you have ever had. Alright, now we can relate. Saturday morning I had the opportunity to attend a Diversity Leadership Conference in the morning, which I took a lot of things and hope to incorporate it in my everyday life. Ending the evening at the Soul Food Dinner was amazing, because the food was great and I had the opportunity to get on stage with President Kunkel and do some stepping. Academically my week was challenging, but it is over so I get to breathe a little more. Something to leave you with; happiness is something we can control, because we control how we focus on the positive of life more than the negative, counting our blessings every day. Until we meet again, STAY CLASSY GREEN BAY!

David Prosper 😀

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