Go Go Go Away

What’s the weather like? Hmm, well last week it was a temperature of high 40 degrees. Since then unfortunately the weather changed up and a blizzard came storming through St. Norbert Friday. We still had classes; yes class was not canceled and after receiving my quiz grade it made me a little bit more cheerful for the day. In my nonverbal communication class we had a guest speaker who spoke on the topic of “touch” and after hearing her presentation, I gained a better understanding of how essential touch really is. Correlating with nonverbal communications is my psychology class and now we’re learning how and why the mind does certain things, which is really fascinating. Friday I left for the weekend to go to Grand Valley, Michigan and compete against Division I and 2 schools. The meet went really well because our whole team really stepped up and competed with high performances. Now we have one more week with UWSP Saturday and then onto taking a shot at the Midwest Conference Championship title. Something to leave you with; success is an action that keeps moving and no matter how many times we stumble along the way, just continue to keep moving forward and you’ll achieve your dreams.
“Love, Peace, and SOUL!!!!!!!”

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