Winter Break 2011/2012

Hello all blog readers, reporting live in Sunrise, Florida where temperatures are at high of 80 degrees and low of 68. I am David Prosper from WSNC coming to you live. Coming back home and receiving the same loving feeling as had when I left was amazing. But the best part about it was seeing my less than one month old niece and my three year nephew. My time there was very productive because I organized my workout schedule so that would correlate with my family schedule, ultimately spending more time with them. Working out with my good friend every day at the beach was the best thing ever. I became a better athlete, who learned discipline while pushing myself to work harder. Unfortunately, I had to leave before New Year’s Day, but my Christmas was the best one I have ever had, getting together with family, cooking, joking around and singing Christmas carols was memorable. I left knowing that the two weeks that I spent home in Florida was very productive and relaxing. Well until we meet again, I am David Prosper, WSNC.

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