The things in our lives such as the air we breathe, our future, and the weather are all out of our control and can be shifted in any direction. First day of classes back from break felt like I hadn’t seen my classmates and friends in a very long time so I was really excited about it. As soon as I got back to campus I made it my duty to hang out with one of my best friends, Jolene.
Even though my teacher was not there for one of my class we still had a quiz, which a lot of the class, including me, thought that it was an easy quiz. Coming back to practice from spring break I expected to have a track meet at Ripon College for our first outdoor meet. Due to the unexpected weather we had in Wisconsin, the meet was postponed. Although we had a postponed track meet, Coach Augustine still had things planned for us. The “winter carnival” consisted of the team getting together to go sledding, but unfortunately it was still a workout running up the hill to pass the sled to our teammates. It was definitely a great way to strengthen the team together and I believe everyone had a great time. Until we meet again GOOD-BYE!

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