Spring “BREAK” 2011

Spring break is a time where one can relax, have fun, and definitely sleep long hours of the day without worrying about assignments that are due. But before we had our break, the professors at St. Norbert wanted to get the midterms and exams out of the way so now you know that’s what I was doing the Friday before break. Studying for the midterm was really fun surprisingly, because I rewrote my notes and learned a lot that I did not know before. Being relieved of not having school for an entire week gave me a boost of happiness. With school and sports on my plate, it can get overwhelming at times. Having the break will rejuvenate me to continue performing at my best for the rest of the semester. During the break my schedule has consisted of working out in the morning, watching movies, and hanging out with friends. My best friend Louis and girlfriend Jamie made my spring break one to surely remember in the 2011 year. Something to leave you with, live today as if tomorrow would be your last, love now as if you would lose your heart tomorrow.

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