2Fast 2Furious

WOW! This 2010 fall semester went by so fast partly because I was involved in so many activities on campus that time just past me by. One thing that I had set out to do this semester was overcome any obstacles that came my way and succeed at them as well. There were a lot of challenges that I faced this semester, but like a good soldier, I had to adapt to my environment and still prosper. While facing these adversities the outcome would either do two things to me, make me better or a better person and I choose to be better. This week I have presentations and papers to write, so I have a lot to look forward to. Next week I have only a couple of exams and then I am flying back home to Florida, so that incentive is my motivation to get the job done even though it feels that I should relax. Something to leave you with: Life is a river that continues to flow whether we’re in it or out of it. So what do we do? Watch it go by or jump on the boat that leads us to our destiny, because at the end of the day we give success a personal meaning. So do you plan on being successful?
Thank you very much and God bless you all!

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