Gobble Gobble Gobble Week

As the time slips away from us, the day turns into nights, the nights turn to weeks, the weeks turns months and before we know it: Thanksgiving day is here. A day where we spend quality time with the ones we love and thank the Lord above for the blessings that He granted us. The break was definitely needed from all the work the professors gave out last week. The break allowed me to have the time to relax and appreciate the things and people around me, but I wasn’t sent into the break on an excited note because our football team suffered an ignominious defeat under the hands of North Central College in the national play-offs. But I stayed optimistic that my mood would take a course to a brighter path and thankfully it did. Although I did not have the opportunity to go back home to Florida, I had the privilege to spend Thanksgiving with my wonderful Wisconsin family here. The Thanksgiving break went by so fast because there was always something to do and I also worked.
Something to leave you with: Through our trials and errors, do not give up, but remain patient because you’re building a stronger character ultimately building a better you. Thank you very much and God Bless.

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