We Did It

Ladies and gents, reporting from De Pere, the heart of Wisconsin, we have the St. Norbert college Green Knights football team that suffered two debacle defeats consecutively. Will the green knights regain their glory age again, or will it fade away right in front of them? Has all head coach Jim Purtill invested gone in vain? Questions and speculations arose when we were defeated in our home stadium and then lost on the road to a team that has not beaten us for eleven straight seasons, until now. Many things were said about us that we could not control, because that was out of our grasp, but one thing that we did have the power to control was what we did to become better football team. It’s said that actions speak louder than words. The Saturday that followed after the second lost of the season we marched into Knox, Illinois, united and made Knox College feel the green and gold by defeating them 50-6. Then last Saturday we played Lawrence University and set a new record of the most points scored in a game, which was 77-26. I never been so happy in my life until that game. Winning that game just made my weekend and upcoming week worth looking forward to. The unprecedented points caught the attention of the doubtful fans and the media. So to leave you with something to think about… We can work so hard in life for the things we want the most and end up not getting it. So what then, do you do throw in the towel? NO! Never have you continued to push forward towards that goal or dream because although it does not seem like there can be a way, but God will make one and when the door of opportunity comes knocking you will be ready to embrace and achieve it because you believed! Thank you very much, hope you enjoyed, God Bless and keep me in your prayers =)

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