The Will to Win

They say nothing comes free and nothing comes easy, implying that we have to go out and earn it. I believe in this statement that it is true and I try my very best to apply it every time I encounter adversity. And that mind-set has brought me a long way and will take me further as well. The beginning of football camp I was down on the depth chart due to last year’s injury and taking the remainder of the season off. Slightly discouraged, but I thought to myself and how to change my situation I must first change my attitude. With that new perspective I decided to compete harder, because I wanted to be the best or at least know that I had tried. So then I switched positions and went from offensive running back to defensive back and surprisingly I climbed up the depth chart with all the hard work I invested. Our team plays Knox College in Illinois and I am really looking forward to that game and I hope you are too. To sum it all up do not let your situation control you, but find courage within you to control your situation because you are the person in charge. Thank you for reading once again, feel free to visit St. Norbert College so I can give you an awesome tour of a campus that changed my life and can maybe change yours too. Thank you all and God bless you all.

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