Out of the Past into the Future

Hello bloggers,
It’s said that all good things must come to an end, well for me it happened a lot sooner than I expected. I had to report to football camp August 13th 2010 and it was back to business all over again, so the late nights and hanging out, staying up late had come to a complete halt. But it’s once said if one loves the job their doing they would never have to work another day on their life. So having the love for football made my job a lot easier. During the two weeks of football camp felt like I been at St. Norbert for years, but the most benefitting thing about camp was the connection I built with my teammates. Because we do everything together such as eating together, sleep in the same dorm, and practice. I made friends that will be with me for the remainder of my college career. When it was time for school to start it didn’t feel like anything changed, because I had been there so long before. As soon as classes started I got my mind in gear and having a year under my belt I had more confidence to take on challenges that I face previously the year before. The first week we did not have much homework so that was really great, because we had a football game that weekend competing against the number five division three team in the nation. That was an intense game and they came on top with the win as a result. With that lost we learned a valuable lesson that nothing is going to come easy or free we have to earn it. I am really looking forward to this weekend when we play away and can finally compete at our best. Thank you all for reading my blog stays tune ladies and gents for more interesting blogs to come in the future. I am David Prosper and I approve this message.

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