Finishing Strong

The last three weeks of my freshman year are almost over and I am getting one step closer to my dreams. In the beginning of the school year the senior football players gave speeches and the main focus was on enjoying your college years because they go by really fast. I assumed that they were just saying that because they missed the fun times they had, but little did I know that what they were saying was true.  I say that because I can remember the first day of school as if were yesterday and next fall I will be a sophomore. The last three weeks of school are the most challenging and separate boys from men because the teachers pour a lot work on us that we have to accomplish outside of class all while studying for exams. The way I look at it is the same way I look at a football game.  This is the fourth quarter of an intense game where two rivals are tied and the true winner is not defined by the plays in the first quarter, but those in the fourth quarter define the winner. School is intense, but hard work and consistency can overcome any obstacles.

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