I Can See The End

The first semester was a difficult transition from high school to college not just because of school, but also because I had to adjust to playing two sports at a college level as well.  The way the last semester wrapped up prevented me from seeing the end as it approached because of all of the papers and projects that I had to do. But this semester I made a decision to work as hard as I could in both the classroom and the playing field. My goal is to make Dean’s list, and so far I am on the right track. Although there are times when I get down and want to give up, I remember why I came to St. Norbert and start thinking about all the people that have invested their time, energy, and money in me. Then I tell myself that failure is not an option and that obtaining success it will not be an easy journey. Now we have two weeks of class and one week of exams, my freshman year of college is almost over.  Who would have thought that time could go by so fast?  Sadly, it did, and I survived.

Now to the incoming freshman (this should be an encouragement)- If I can fly from Florida to St. Norbert College without ever visiting and overcome my obstacles and make the Dean’s list, then so can you. College is not something that is impossible to conquer, but it is challenging and it takes a lot of effort and commitment to succeed. You can do anything you set your mind to. I believe you can do it, “Yes You Can.”

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