Finish the Race

“Hello, we are back again. I am Benjamin reporting live from WSNC News. With me now is Mr. David Prosper. David, would you care to elaborate about the last couple of weeks left in your freshman year?”

I would, Benjamin, having Easter break was very necessary for me mentally because after spring break the professors overwhelmed us with homework.  So having a break helped me to relax and get mentally prepared to finish the semester strong.

“Are there any activities or sports you participate in?”

Yes there are.

“What are they and how are you doing in them?”

Track & Field–I would like to say that hard work pays off and that tough practices makes meets seem easy. It started off as a rough season because I joined the team late, but the training that the coaches here have put me through has helped me to become a better athlete. Compared to the beginning of the track season, there have been major improvements and God deserves all the praise and glory for this.
“Thank you Mr. Prosper.  There you have it ladies and gentlemen, once again I am Benjamin, reporting live from WSNC News. Back to you Dave.”

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