Back to Work

The first couple of weeks of the semester professors took it easy on us by making the workload manageable.  But now, because we have the hang of things, it seems as if they all met up and decided to give us a lot work all at the same time.  I figure that this will help me once I’m a part of the workforce, so I’m going to embrace the experience and let it build me up, rather than break me down.  So far my grades are still good, and I am trying to keep it that way.

Along with school, I am also on the St. Norbert Track & Field team.  Last week we had a track meet at University of Wisconsin Steven Point.  It was only the second track meet of my freshman year, and I’ve already shown improvement.  I was the only freshman to improve my time by a three seconds, and I won the 200 meter dash.  It has been a blessing from God.

God Bless!

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