The Break of Spring

Sunny skies, green grass, birds chirping and music playing is an illustration that we have of spring, but due to the wonderful northern position of Wisconsin our winter has been extended. Despite the weather our spring break came at a perfect time, because I was indulged with a lot of assignments which made my head spin. So when Friday rolled around I told myself that this break I would relax and enjoy my week off from school. The first couple of days felt weird because I had no work to do or places to go so I went to the gym every day to work out for outdoor track and field. However, this year I did not go anywhere, but decided to stay in De Pere with all my friends and enjoy our time before we have to graduate. Until next time, stress is our reaction to our problems, so react positively and reduce the stress. Peace, love and blessings.

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Welcome Back

Hello all,

They say all good things must come to an end and sadly this is my last semester here at St. Norbert College. That concept did not become apparent to me until the spring semester started and I was emailed about my progress of graduating in May. But on colder note, this Christmas I was fortunate to stay up in Wisconsin to experience my first “white Christmas” because I have only seen this fairy tale through movies and television shows. Spending time with my roommates and girl did not replace, but substituted my family in Florida. I’m looking forward to this semester with track & field, academics, and networking with different companies. Since I have found my passion and know when I apply the work ethic my dreams will become a reality.

One last thing, your past is a lesson learn from it and your future is blessing embrace it. Thank you for taking the time to read and I look forward to your support.

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Fast and Furious

Where did the semester go? It is currently the fifth week of school and long weekend is already here. I knew college goes by really fast, but it seems like it goes faster as you grow up. Classes have been going really well so far, my longest classes are on Tuesdays and Thursdays, which I go from 8am -4pm. But it isn’t bad at all since its only two days a week. And last week I had the opportunity to go to our career/internship fair and made a lot of connections with potential employers. Coming from a long trip back to De Pere our football team lost to Monmouth College for a shot at the conference title. But from the lost we learned a lot as a team and are willing to work harder this coming week for our next opponent. As a senior I am learning to appreciate every little moment I have, because there will be a day when I won’t be a college student anymore. So my message to you all, do everything you can do now and not wait for later because tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone. Stay blessed!!

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Dublin, Ireland!

Hello Readers!!!!!
It feels like forever since we have interacted with each other, but let’s get caught up on the things we missed. School started and I cannot believe that it is my last year as a student here at St. Norbert College, because it felt like it was yesterday I was a freshman flying in from Florida. But I’m also excited that this year the football team had a once in a lifetime experience to travel to Dublin, Ireland, to play John Carroll University from Ohio. Six hours on the plane was definitely new for everyone who was traveling, but finally getting there made it worth it. Before our game on Friday we went on tours around the city and colleges, but my most favorite part about the whole trip was the parade they had for us. All the people in Dublin gathered together to cheer for us as we walked one mile around the college, I must say the greatest feeling I have ever had. Although I had a great time overseas I am more grateful to back to the states, because there is no place like home. And after missing a week of school I know when I came back I would be playing catch up and so far so good and I am near being caught up.

Thank you I am David Prosper, stay cool and follow the rules!

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Summer is Here

This semester has been a little bit of a rollercoaster for me with trying to joggle many activities along with being a student first. But with great power comes great responsibility and that’s what I’ve learned. This weekend we have conference track meet I am really looking forward to doing really well. Our team is stronger than ever with a lot of great talent around so I couldn’t be happier about my team this year. I am officially done with all my finals as a junior and now recognized as a senior. I love the memories that I made the last three years, but I have to look forward to the memories I make. Thank you for reading and God bless!

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Spring’s Here, Snow’s Cleared

It’s felt so long since the last time we spoke and there is so much to catch you up on so let’s get to it. After spring break classes resumed and we got back right into work without missing a single beat. I was the first person to do my presentation in Business and Professional speaking I had to put my best foot forward, which according to my professor, I did really well. Last but not least, track practice was definitely more intense this week and everyone felt the long workouts Coach gave us. Until we meet again, I am David Prosper, stay classy!

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Moment for Life

The word of this week is “EVENTFUL” and as you read on you’ll understand why I choose that word. Before you get too far, I want you to close your eyes and think about the BEST weekend you have ever had. Alright, now we can relate. Saturday morning I had the opportunity to attend a Diversity Leadership Conference in the morning, which I took a lot of things and hope to incorporate it in my everyday life. Ending the evening at the Soul Food Dinner was amazing, because the food was great and I had the opportunity to get on stage with President Kunkel and do some stepping. Academically my week was challenging, but it is over so I get to breathe a little more. Something to leave you with; happiness is something we can control, because we control how we focus on the positive of life more than the negative, counting our blessings every day. Until we meet again, STAY CLASSY GREEN BAY!

David Prosper 😀

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It’s Closing Time…

All good things must come to an end is what I’ve always heard, but words are nothing when it comes to reality. Yes, my indoor track season has come to an end and despite a couple of injuries along the way, I still finished the season strong. Now in my academic world, classes are very interesting and I really do enjoy going to class, because I know I’ll learn something new. On the other side of things I had the opportunity to have dinner with President Kunkel, which was amazing because he was very authentic and the guys knew that as well. This upcoming weekend is looking very eventful, because we have a Diversity Conference during the day on Saturday and in evening we have a Soul Food Dinner to celebrate Black History Month. “I’m Ron Burgundy, Stay classy Green Bay??”

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Go Go Go Away

What’s the weather like? Hmm, well last week it was a temperature of high 40 degrees. Since then unfortunately the weather changed up and a blizzard came storming through St. Norbert Friday. We still had classes; yes class was not canceled and after receiving my quiz grade it made me a little bit more cheerful for the day. In my nonverbal communication class we had a guest speaker who spoke on the topic of “touch” and after hearing her presentation, I gained a better understanding of how essential touch really is. Correlating with nonverbal communications is my psychology class and now we’re learning how and why the mind does certain things, which is really fascinating. Friday I left for the weekend to go to Grand Valley, Michigan and compete against Division I and 2 schools. The meet went really well because our whole team really stepped up and competed with high performances. Now we have one more week with UWSP Saturday and then onto taking a shot at the Midwest Conference Championship title. Something to leave you with; success is an action that keeps moving and no matter how many times we stumble along the way, just continue to keep moving forward and you’ll achieve your dreams.
“Love, Peace, and SOUL!!!!!!!”

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Looking Ahead

Class of 2013- our graduation is around the corner. Before we know it and by the looks of how fast this year is going, we’ll sneeze and it will be time to graduate! After meeting with my adviser fall semester to pick my classes for this semester she mentioned that I only have three more semesters left. WHAT?! I could seriously remember the first day of school of my freshman year and now I only have three more semesters left of my college career! The talk with her opened my eyes that I have to prepare for my life post-graduation. Can I please say I am afraid, scared, apprehensive and all of the above. I was taught in order to lessen my fears, I have to plan and set goals for the future so I met up with career services. We were able to discuss different possibilities and options that I can take after college. Just talking things out gave me more assurance of my future. Something to leave you with; we don’t know exactly what the future holds for us and all we can do is prepare, but our preparations set us up for when the doors of opportunity arrive and we are ready.
“Love, Peace, and SOUL.”

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