Communio in Utero

After one week together, it should come as great surprise or no surprise at all that each of the twelve travelers have had an entirely different experience. Our backgrounds, upbringings, viewpoints and perceptions all shaped the way in which we saw the people and greater communities affected by immigration. Therefore, who each of us are as individuals shaped the collective whole.
I cannot take credit for this entirely unique entry. It was actually inspired by fellow passenger, Tom, who after learning of my “condition,” suggested this experience was uniquely communio in utero. As most already know, I was 20 weeks pregnant heading into the ABQ adventure. That aspect brought about an entirely new element of thoughts, ideas, perceptions and questions about our objective and reflection of Communio y Comunidad.
Interestingly enough, another one of the twelve was also sharing in this unique experience while pregnant. Even so, I cannot assume that her sensitivities, realizations or take-a-ways were even close to the same as mine. What I do know is that being pregnant has afforded me the mental room needed to think beyond myself to the impact this trip may have in years to come.
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As we look to close the chapter on this spiritually reflective experience, it is important to reflect on questions of one’s own existence.
1. What have you learned about the world around you?
2. What have you learned about the world within you?
The purpose of this exercise is not to find the answers, but rather, to deepen the questions. To find answers means to make statements and statements are simply a matter of state: a state of attitude, a state of mind, a state of place, a state of being. Finding a state is quite definitive, whereas finding more questions leads to a greater quest: a quest for knowledge, a quest for new ideas, a quest for learning, a quest for life.
I suspect this experience will continue to affect me long after my return to Midwestern normalcy. In the continued reflection, I hope to find deeper meaning in my questions; a deeper quest for life.
Even after many moments of peaceful solitude, I have been given far more questions than answers:
– How will this experience impact my life on a daily basis?
– How will I treat others, especially those who are different from me?
– Who am I, really?
– How has this experience shaped me?
– Am I the person I wish to be?
– Am I the spouse I wish to be?
– What kind of mother will I be?
– How can/will we share this experience with our child in a meaningful way?
– What ideals do we wish to instill in our son/daughter?
– How can I find beauty in the world around me on a daily basis?
– How can I find love for everyone, everyday?
– How can I find love for myself everyday?
– How can I influence my family?
– What will the world be like when our little one is our age?
– How can we shape that world by the choices we make today?
I anticipate this list becoming exhaustive as time wares on. In the quest to find answers to life, more questions arise.
And you know what, questions are alright with me.

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