Homeward Bound

School is in full swing and once again I am back at what I do best: Be busy! With Sophomore Block, track, and STAR, I am one busy sophomore in college. Then if we add student government, Knight Riders, and service at the boys and girls club, I’m swamped! I’ve definitely had to take a step back and prioritize this semester, but I am good to go as of now. Let’s see how long this lasts! That’s why I am so grateful for this weekend…

We started off the weekend by going to Oshkosh for a meet on Friday. Each week, I am shocked at how much better we get as time goes on. My 400 and 200 were okay. I finished second in my heat for the 400 and first in my 200 heat, so not bad. We finished off the meet with a 4X4 which was so intense. With Taylor, Jake, Stephen and I, we definitely gave these other teams a run for their money. Taylor led us and got us in second. He’s got super speed and is a stud when he runs. Jake then got the baton got us first and finished strong even afterwards. He’s like a jack rabbit with super super endurance. Then I got the baton and kept us in first and then Stephen got the baton and us and Oshkosh were neck at neck. Stephen put up such a good fight and held him off the first lap, but then Oshkosh got him coming through that second lap. Regardless, we placed second and had our fastest time yet this year indoor, 3:28, which was even better than our time last year at conference. We are golden and I couldn’t be happier. I’d say we got a good days work in.

We got back pretty late from Oshkosh so Alex and I went to sleep for a couple of hours, but headed home to Chicago right away! I wanted to go home this weekend for an annual church retreat I went on in high school with Mooseheart and my peer ministry group in St. Charles, so it was so good being home and seeing everyone again. This was such a needed weekend and well worth a six hour car ride on the way home. I feel like I was on such a God high from the weekend and I learned a lot about people I thought we my friends before through their witness talks and testimonies. Some of my friends have had some really tough lives, but it was great watching them crying it out and finally let it all out in front of everyone. This was honestly a great weekend and great life choice. It really made me reflect on my life and even with all of its ups and downs and my struggles, I wouldn’t change one thing about it. If I did, I might not be the same person I am today. I guess I smile because God gave me so many reasons to do so.

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