Thanks for the Memories 2012!

Christmas Break, for sure, was a much needed break! It was great finally kicking back and not having to worry about anything. I felt like Phineas and Ferb, asking myself the question, “What are we gonna do today?” Finals week was the longest week possible as I counted the days till break. Going to boarding school for high school, I really don’t find Chicago to be much fun. It’s one big tourist attraction unless you know a lot of people and since I don’t, i decided to hang around here for a bit. I stayed in Kaukauna with Devan and her family for the first 5 days of break. Best life decision ever. We tried to do everything under the sun and we nearly accomplished everything on our bucket list. In those five days we complete a 1000 piece Disney puzzle, go to basketball games, choir concerts, going to the Botanical Gardens, and just hanging out. I got so close to Devan, her brother Troy, her friend Cayla, and her family, and I had a great time. Honestly, didn’t want to go home, but I know there were people missing me.

As always, I had the best time when I went home. It was really great seeing all my friends, who I have missed a lot. I saw all my friends from peer ministry, which is like my 2nd family. We took a giant trip to Chicago, all 100 of us. We went to the Magnificent Mile and went ice skating in Millennium Park. We did a flash mob in the park which was interesting to say the least. With bowling trips, movies, and random get together, I definitely got a lot done in a week.  I also spent the holidays with Sean and the rest of the Topacio clan, which was never a dull time. Meet all 256 people in the family! They have one huge Filipino family for sure. I spent so much money Christmas shopping for friends and had a lot gift exchanged, but I’m just glad I got to see them all. I also spent a weekend with Sarah St. John and her family and we had a blast! I finally got to go ice skating like I wanted to. My break was cut short because of track, but I definitely had a great two week while at home.

I came back on New Year’s Eve and counting down the New Year with Devan, Troy, Cayla, and some of their other friends and family. We had a fondue dinner, went sledding and for a walk on the frozen Fox River, and played games while we watch the ball drop. It was such a great way to spend the night. Then January 2nd rolled around and I was back in gear with track. That break was short lived indeed. Track Camp was great though. It was definitely a lot of hard work, but rewarding. This is my season where I’m going to give it my all. Our team bonded so much during track camps with practices, mock meets, team dinners, and team videos. Forgot why I loved this team so much. Glad we all suffered through it together! Now with school back in swing and Sophomore Block, I have to really buckle down and get serious. This semester is going to be good, but has a lot in store. We’ll see what happens, wish me luck. One thing’s for sure, it’s good to be back!

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