This weekend sadly didn’t go by as fast as the last two weeks. The random advisement days definitely made those two weeks quick and planning activities with my STAR mentees to Terror on The Fox (remind us to never bring screaming Bryant again!) and dinner at Olive Garden. The Presidential Elections also made these last few weeks exciting and extremely hostile for some. It was cool just being able to vote for the first time. Sadly Vanessa Cuevas left SNC for good to go back to California. That put a huge damper on the Multicultural Student Services office for sure because she did so much in the year and a half she was here. She also came to SNC with my class so I told her she will always be a part of the class of 2015! For a going away present, we made a Brady Bunch portrait. While working in the office, she always stressed the importance of being proud of our heritage and getting an education. She also ordered the student workers shirts that said “Caution: Educated Student of Color”. So we took a portrait with our shirts and gave it to her. It was sad to see her leave, but I know we’ll see her again. An exciting part of the week was that I got to have dinner with the president of the college, President Thomas Kunkel, two nights in a row. I had one with the SGA Exec. Board and the next night with my STAR mentees. They were both great dinners and President Kunkel definitely listens. I feel empowered at this school for sure. I also feel like I spent so much time with Tori this week, more than usual. We raided Alex’s closet as a study break and had our own little photoshoot. GOOD TIMES, since Alex was gone. He has thing for nice shoes, so he wasn’t too happy to know we tried his shoes on. Next time Alex, don’t leave our room unattended! I also got to watch Tori do her thing this weekend as she was the DJ for the Highlight the Night Dance at SNC. It was a black light party she got to host which is cool that she got asked to DJ¬†and people loved her! Talent clearly runs in our blood. We’re not siblings, but close enough.

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