Another Weekend to Remember!

Being in college never ceases to amaze me! This weekend was probably one of the greatest weekends of my life and even the week overall was great. Of course, with everything going on I am constantly stressing, but I think Halloween definitely helped to lighten the mood. For track, we were divided into teams and we were going to do team functions as Disney Characters. We never had this team get together, but I still used myself and put together a costume and owned the Aladdin look! 117 likes on one photo, record for this kid! So Halloween definitely got me through the week and then I went to Colfax, Wisconsin which is right next to Eau Claire and I have to say, it was a huge milestone in my life. I went with Tori and our friend, Lacey, who works at the Boys and girls Club with us and is the one who lives in Colfax. Her family remembered her cousin’s 18th birthday, but Lacey decided to bring us home with her. Her cousin, Trent, passed away on June 3rd, 2012, so not even 6 months ago. The pain for her family was fresh and Sunday was his birthday. Tori and I went into the trip not knowing this. Her family, although greiving, was just so welcoming. We had so many good laughs and shared stories and grew so close to Lacey AND her family in just a matter on two days. We grew so close, they gave Tori and I each a wristband to remember Trent, and it is something that Tori and I wear everyday. I don’t know if it was the family being so welcoming and close, or the fact that I learned of a 17 year old who was a brother, son, cousin, nephew, grandson, and friend to so many had passed away, but this weekend really touched my life. This really made me put so much of my life into perspective and look at things different. The saying on Trent’s wristband is “Gone But Never Forgotten” and this is the perfect way to describe my weekend in Colfax.

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