A Weekend To Remember

This week turned out to be a pretty exciting week! For starters, my Music and Movement Class ended this week which was actually really sad. I’m glad because it means less classwork, BUT I don’t get to work with the students in the daycare as much which was the highlight of the class. Also, Yoko Mogi-Hein is a pretty great professor, so I recommend her if you ever have the opportunity. This week was also the very first weekend that the KnightRiders Hockey Fan Bus was in full swing. It was a huge success and the Green Knights Won of course, so all went well. Saturday was also a big day for the Cross Country Team as they headed into Conference. So of course I went all out in supporting my teammates! They all went really hard and were so close to winning. The women were especially close, who placed second by only 4 points. They were all really hard on themselves, but I think they played hard and at the end of the day that is all that matters. The rest of the day, I got to spend with Devan lenz, as we went shopping for little knick knacks and Alex’s birthday gift. We ended up getting him a phone charger because he always uses mine and a Pokemon game for his DS which I’ve been playing now! We ended the night by going to see Pitch Perfect with Devan, Alex, Silas, and Maddie. BEST MOVIE EVER! I might be a huge music geek soo……This weekend overall was great. The one thing to put a damper on it was Packer Clean Up at Lambeau Field, but cleaning the field went quicker than usual so no worries. I’m especially excited to see what next week has in store with Halloween. I can honestly say I have never dressed up for the occassion, but I can make an exception this one year, who knows?

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