This week of school was definitely one that threw me for a turn. I actually felt stressed which doesn’t happen very often. I had a midterm for History and Philosophy this week, a Lifespan of Human Development exam which might as well be a midterm with its level of difficulty, track workouts, practices for 2 choir concerts, and STAR planning to work on. This week was just overwhelming and even though I got through it in one piece, I’m glad it’s over! The plus side was that the weekend came and I got to relax. We had our fall music concert this Friday and afterward we went to my first ever Zam Jams! It was great and so glad I got to sing a duet with Sarah St. John and Lean On Me with Zephyr, Everette, Julie, Cassie, Silas, Dylan, and Marco! We were great so check us out on facebook! I also gave a tour this Saturday for a fall visit and Tori’s cousin was on it looking at SNC, so I gave a tour to Tori, her family, and two other families. Let’s hope I was convincing! Afterward I took the best 3 hour nap of my life! It was very much needed. Then I went to Latin@ Gala: Noche de Unidad y Fuerza which was formerly known as Fiesta! It was a dinner in honor of Hispanic Heritage month that was put on by the Multicultural Student Services. It was an all around great event from the guest speaker to the live entertainment by Ketzali which is a Latin dance performance. It was the coolest thing to see! Then we had another great movie night at Devan Lenz’s in her townhouse. It was more of a sleepover for me since I was knocked out 15 minutes into the movie! Then today, Sunday, I got all pumped up for mock track meet. Today was our last official team practice for fall season so we went out with a bang and competed against one another. It was all in good fun and you could really see everyone’s hard work paying off. This is going to be a great season! Next week should be a lot of fun and less stressful with no class on Wednesday for advisement and Tuesday night with Shack-A-Thon! Good things in store for sure!

P.S. This week is also Alex and Gaby’s B-Day. They don’t know that I have great things in store for them and even though this is also over the website, I know they never read my blog anyway! They’ll just have to wait and see!

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