Wedding Crashers!

With Homecoming in the air, this week was tons of fun! This weekend was so relaxing and care free, it was great. That could be because I worked ahead in my classes and nothing to worry about this weekend, but whatever it was it was nice. Friday afternoon, I got Zephyr, Eden, Silas, Chantre, and I all a chance to do a photoshoot for admissions. It was so much fun and they loved the idea of seeing their faces plastered all over SNC, so it worked out very nicely.

Then Friday night, Alex, Tori, Gaby, Chantre, and I all went to a wedding reception for our friend, Amanda, who just got married. Can I just say, we were the life of the party! We of course were fashionably late, but we showed up and showed out! We had our own little photo shoot with the bride (Tori and I got married-ish!) and then we went straight to the dance floor to get that party started. We requested songs like “The Electric Slide”, “The Cupid Shuffle”, and “The Wobble” and started a dance party.
They loved us after we left. We of course, still have dance fever, so we brought ourselves over to the Homecoming dance, and made an appearance there. We didn’t stay long. We literally requested “The Wobble”, went to the front of dance floor, jammed out, then left! But not before we took a picture with Norby and our friends. Then after I left Homecoming, I went over to the townhouses with my summer FYE family: Devan Lenz, Alex, Maddie Cremer, Maggie Schwanke, and Caitlin Grow. I have missed these guys so of course when we got together we had to have a movie night and watch Disney! (It’s a summer FYE thing, enough said). Great way to end the night for sure. I spent Saturday, knocking out some more homework, sleeping, and then I went out to dinner with friends, and went over to Schuldes for Airbands! These fraternities, sororities,and social groups cheer louder at Homecoming events than they do at sporting events! The atmosphere in Schuldes was crazy and it was so cool seeing them all dressed up as childhood cartoons and lip singing and choreographing dances. Shout outs to Delta Phi Epsilon!
With a Rugrats Theme, they were destined to win! The worst part about this weekend was all this rain! I think it’s Monsoon Season in De Pere because this campus is flooding. But one things for sure, nothing can rain on my parade! Let’s hope I can have this mentality as we roll into Midterm Week -_-Wish us ALL luck on that one!

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