Long Weekend Wasn’t LONG ENOUGH!!

This past weekend summed up in one word was definitely perfect! I was so glad to be home and it was very much needed. I was sad to be away from my Boys and Girls kids for so long, but Tori and Alex took good care of them. I spent the Long Weekend at the Topacios. They’re like my home away from home and they’re so welcoming when I come over. We spent Thursday just running errands, buying a new state ID (I MAY have lost that = ? ), and I registered to vote, woot woot! I just have to wait for my voters card to come in the mail and I official will have the power to make a change. Like they say, every vote counts! One highlight is always home cooked meals at the Topacios. Hands down, better than the cafeteria any day and that’s saying something.

Friday, I got the chance to go back to my high school and see my teachers, who were so happy to see me. I’ve missed Mooseheart, so it was nice going back and walking around my old home and school. I went out to lunch with Jenise (my “mom”) and Chris ,one of my old housemates, so our little reunion was good. I also met up with Kim and Becca, so of course we had to keep tradition going and make a pit stop at the infamous Steak and Shake before heading over to see Taken 2. As Tori pointed out, it should be called Taken AGAIN, but since it was an awesome movie, I guess I can overlook this minor detail. This movie doesn’t make me ever want to leave the States and go abroad, but that might change with time. We just had good time and I’ve missed my friends so much.

My Saturday was spent taking a road trip to Milwaukee with my peer ministry team to Holy Hill! Minus the long bus ride and the freaking cold weather, it was another great memory for the books!
1.) Any day with my friends, especially peer ministry ones, is a life changing event no matter what we do. They’re like my second family.
2.)Holy Hill has a beautiful church at the top which was cool to actually have to take an elevator to get to.
3.) It was a youth day, so it was great meeting a bunch of new people from all over Wisconsin and Illinois.
4.) I love taking pictures, so this was the opportune time to do so! My camera went to work that day.

When Sunday rolled around, I was definitely super depressed to actually have to go back to college. This weekend was perfect and it was a nice break from the stress of college. I missed everyone back home and now Thanksgiving Break is going to take forever to come. Homecoming week should make things a bit exciting around campus and I’ll see everyone again soon. One thing is for sure, there’s definitely no place like home!

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