Longer than long!!

Long Weekend is literally only days away and I am stoked! I can not wait to go home and see my friends back home, see my youth group, and revisit my high school again. This past weekend was Homecoming weekend, which I didn’t get to attend, but it’ll be just as good going home and seeing everyone! This week has been a tad bit stressful with homework, classes, STAR, track, and everything else imaginable that I’m involved with. So I am glad that I can get away for a few days and regroup. This is MUCH needed!

This past week was something I looked forward to even with a few minor setbacks. I love everyday that I get to work at Fort Howard with the boys and girls club. I know this probably sounds crazy, but those screaming, energetic children are probably my stress reliever. Still the highlight of every week! I also got to go on the Emerging Leaders retreat with the current freshmen class as a mentor this year. A lot of them I knew from FYE or STAR so it was a lot of fun and just watching everyone mingle and get out there comfort zones was great! Unfortunately Maggie and I had to leave early because the next day we worked in Admissions, but it was fun while it lasted. Our Admission event on Saturday was nice. I love talking with new students about my experiencing and student panels ARE A BLAST so I had fun and anything with Alex turns out to be good. Alex, Tori, Gaby and I also went to the mall for a mini shopping spree, which is always great when I get to be a Ken doll for the girls and squeeze into photo booths! Speaking of Alex, he almost burnt down Michel’s in his attempt to warm up two cookies. Word to the wise: Never put 2 cookies, in styrofoam, in a microwave for two minutes and then walk away. Our entire floor STILL smells like burnt cookies. I’m starting to think this is a trend with Alex and I when it comes to microwaves and residence halls! (see the┬áNovember 10th┬áblog for more details).

SNC I’m gonna miss you for the next week or so, but it’s time for me to hit the road! DEUCES =)

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