The Countdown!

And so the countdown till Long Weekend starts right now! 7 more days exactly and I can not WAIT to go home and see all my friends again. One of my friends, Ben, is in the military, and while away in Georgia, he had an accident where he broke his back and couldn’t walk. Luckily he got surgery, so he’ll be on his feet in no time if he already isn’t, but I’m thankful that he is able to do just that. He’ll be coming home in a couple of days, so that will definitely be my first stop on my way home from school.

This past weekend was SNC family weekend and that was great as always. Friday night, the STAR group and I all went to Appleton for a night of unlimited laser tag, arcade games, batting cages, and mini golf that our hearts desired. Then some of us took a trip to Buffalo Wild Wings, so I would say we had a pretty successful night. Because I am on the Track Team, I was one of the fortunate one that had to wake up at 7am the next morning and volunteer at the SNC Challenge Run.  Sure it was cold, but it was cool to actually watch a 5K on our campus. People asked me why I wasn’t out there running. Yeah, I don’t do that whole running long distance thing. Definitely not my definition of fun. For the rest of the day, I enjoyed the festivities going on at campus. I went for a boat ride with Tori’s family and got to get a tour on the carriage rides from Alex! The first year students, who are on the KnightRiders project, and I had a fundraiser for our project. Let’s just say puppy chow is a huge sensation at SNC!! We sold out and make over 225 dollars in 3 hours. Nice start SGA getting ahead of the game! Saturday night of Family weekend, I graced the community with my beautiful voice (not really though)! We had our family weekend choir concert and it was amazing to say the least! The songs we sing are beautiful and I’m even stunned with how amazing we sound as a choir and the different voices that surround me (I promise I’m not crazy!).

To end family weekend, I went to mass with Alex and his family and had brunch with Sean, Chaz, and the rest of the Topacio clan. I’m so glad I got to see Momma T and Dad!! I also took my STAR mentees out to lunch at Nicolets in De Pere. Great way to spend a Sunday afternoon… and then there was track practice. It was our first practice with the coaches present so I was nervous. Coach would realize how much I have slacked off this summer, BUT I did a lot better than I thought I was initially going to do! No sprains, injuries, or crying, and I finished the workout and looked good doing it. This might actually be a good year. This next week will be very long, and Bridgit, my STAR supervisor, is out of the office getting surgery and recovering from a torn ACL, so Maria and I are on our on for the next two weeks! I know I got this for sure, but like I wrote in the card, Come back SOON Bridgit! Long Weekend, where are you?!

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