This week has been full of surprises and at the end of it has left me DEAD TIRED! Nap time should not have stopped in Kindergarten, that’s for sure. My highlight of this week is always my STAR group. It’s good seeing everyone together each week. and normally STAR has been a semester long each year, BUT since the organization has received a HUGE GRANT ( $61,000 to be exact!), we can now do programming for the entire school year. We can also do more activities as a group, but the only catch is that we only have the money for this school year. NOT A PROBLEM! My mind is racing with things to do. I am definitely the person for the job! I was thinking things like Haunted house and corn maze during Halloween, secret santa for Christmas, a STAR retreat, a trip to a high ropes course, laser tag, heritage museums, and whatever else comes to mind. So pumped for this opportunity!

This week I got offered to be the Emerging Leaders mentor for the new Student Government first year students. Elections for 1st year student rep were this week and they were really close. I got to call everyone who won….and those who didn’t win. How do you tell someone they didn’t win elections? It’s a very awkward conversation. I’m excited to work with the new representatives on the KnightRiders project though, promoting school spirit at sport events! Shout out to the STAR mentees, Everette Berchmans, Bryant McCray, and Alexandria Staskiewicz, Amanda Klitzke, and Mitch Kronberg for winning the elections. It’s gonna be a good year.

Classes are keeping me busy already, but at least they’re interesting. My music and movement class and my role of play class, both early childhood classes, will be working in the childcare center in Sensenbrenner Residence Hall this semester, and I’m so excited. I love kids, hence why I’m being a teacher. Both class are applying our teaching methods on the students we work with and all I have to incorporate music and playing into my lessons?! This is gonna be a breeze! The Boys and Girls program at Fort Howard Elementary School in Green Bay starts up next week and I can’t wait to see all my students again. Tori, Alex and my  6 roommates will be working and volunteering there with me throughout the week for the rest of the school year. My roommates and I have to put on programs about building character and being young men and having fun with the boys we work with and have fun. The saying if you love what you do, you never have to work a day in your life MUST BE TRUE!

This weekend has been great for bonding and SLEEPING! Friday night I went to the first Brother to Brother program, which acts as a safe zone and time to hangout with other men on campus. I also went to the Knight Owl to hear my friends Sean Topacio, Malorie Imhoff, and Maddie Cremer, sing. The best part about the event was getting a ride home from Father Sal! I hung out with my friends from down the hallway, Mackenzie, Karl, and Cole, and it’s always a party when we get together. We also celebrated my good friend, Mackenzie Hazen’s birthday with cake and dinner. I didn’t cook BUT I brought the Capri-Suns and washed dishes.  I know what you’re thinking, real man right here, I know! Saturday, the track team all went to the SNC high ropes course, behind Gries Hall and had a morning of team bonding, rope climbing, trusting and laughs. From 8-2pm we went through different stations, just building our team up and having fun. It’s a good thing we bonding so well because we will be having fun with Packer Clean Up tonight(Sunday), cleaning Lambeau Field RIGHT AFTER the Packers play. Joy…  I went to sleep at 9PM Saturday night. Hopefully I can do that again tonight. This upcoming week should be busy as always. Track workouts start, Barefoot Volleyball for Zambia Project, Emerging Leaders Retreat, and a surprise for the SNC donors/alumni dinner with the regularly outbreak of song and dance here at SNC! You know, the usual!

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