As you can tell Alex, Tori,and I are excited for our reunion and for sophomore year to start. Everything about being back at SNC has gotten my excited! I just feel more in my element and at home at SNC. Miss my friends in Illinois  lot, but nothing beats college The best part about being back at SNC is probably being a coordinator and mentor for the STAR program. Initially it’s an early arrival program for first year students to help them get acclimated and prepared for college and throughout the school year, we have weekly meetings which is more of a check in with our students to make sure everything is going all right. I have to lead meetings once a week as well as weekly dinner and tutoring sessions. The only one thing NOT in the job description is that the job would be THIS FUN!! The program has grown from 5  to 42 first year students in four years, and the 42 first years students I work with are a riot!! Our first week being at SNC was so much fun between the ice breakers, our trips to Bay Beach, late night fun with the ALIVE Team and Zesty’s, and our journey to the farmers’ market. BEST FIRST WEEK OF SCHOOL EVER! Now during the school year, we meet once or twice a week, but I can honestly say I miss seeing everyone in our STAR group every day. My mentees are awesome so I’m glad I took the job!

The school year just started, but already it has been jam packed and busy. On top of being a STAR mentor, I’m Vice President of College Affairs for Student Government. I’ll be helping the new SGA freshmen student representatives continue to promote school spirits around SNC during sporting events which includes the Knight Riders Hockey Fan Bus! I’m also an Emerging Leaders mentor for the same first year students, helping them to become better leaders, plan campus programs, and get involved around SNC! I also auditioned for Chambers Singers, which I made!! I was incredibly surprised and happy because my audition was completely spontaneous and on the spot a.k.a. peer pressure from my STAR mentee, Zephyr Ciesar. I wanted to audition anyway, but I couldn’t get up the nerve to do it so I’m glad she encouraged me. I’m still doing Men’s Choir this year as well as being a tour guide for admissions and working in the multicultural Student Services Office. This year I am doing services with my 7 roommates at Fort Howard Elementary School and the Boys and Girls Club. Of course, I am still running track this year. I couldn’t give that up even if I wanted to! We just had our first packer clean up this weekend to kick off the fall season. This is for sure gonna whip me into shape. On top of everything, I am a student here at Saint Norbert and very involved as you can tell. A lot of my classes this semester are Education courses because I am Education major with a Early Childhood minor, which will be a lot of fun.  I honestly can;t wait to start working with children as a teacher. It’s going to be an experience for sure! My life as always is extremely busy, at times hectic, incredibly spontaneous, but 100 percent enjoyable. With a great sense of humor and a positive mentality, I’m sure I got this, no problem. Round Two: Sophomore Year BRING IT ON!

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