This summer has been two things: TOO LONG!! Don’t get me wrong, I did tons of things this summer. I went to visit tons of friends who graduated from high school. I forgot how long graduations are, but they were nice. Initially I lounge around this summer BORED OUT OF MY MIND! But once I actually stated to hangout with my friends, I began to have fun. I forget how much I actually miss people till I am with them! Sean Topacio, who also goes to SNC with me, is from my area of Illinois, so I stayed with him all summer long or at least it felt like it. Lucky for me, he’s one of my best friends or he would’ve gotten sick of me! This summer Sean and I were camp counselors together with our peer ministry group from home at Camp Wow. I love going to camp because I’m with so many important people in my life  and being in the middle of no where with no technology, I feel at peace. Plus, my campers were great and I got to be incredibly loud, so whats not to like? I also went to on an annual trip to Six Flags which was just as good as last year. Sean and I talked all summer long about how we missed Norbs, but this was definitely a bittersweet summer saying goodbye to our best friends, Emily, Melissa, Maggie,Robert, Cayana, Kim, and Becca as we all went our separate ways and school started for all of us. Then I ended my summer with a trip to New York City.  I got to see my family and be reunited with some childhood best friends who are like family, so it was a great week. It was In fact I would say this was another great summer for the books, but I missed SNC so freaking much while I was away.

The best part of summer was probably coming back to SNC in June to be a First Year Experience Mentor. Alex and I were reunited for this short time during the summer and got to be Summer FYE mentors and roommates again! The FYE mentors bonded so much between sleepovers and boat trips at Devan Lenz’s house, crashing the local pool with the gang, or parading around as superheroes on campus. FYE was so much fun! I’m kind of upset I couldn’t be a mentor during the fall,but I soon got over that fact real quick when I became a  STAR mentor. Those were also the longest weeks in terms of sleep deprivation. The first year students were wired with excitement and some wanted to pull all nighters, but we had been going to sleep at like 2 or 3 in the morning and waking up at around 6 or 7 AM! Some of us(ME) were real cranky by the end of the two weeks. Overall it was one of the best experiences of my life and definitely wished that didn’t end.  The best part about summer FYE is that every time I hear the song “Call Me Maybe” I think of FYE since us mentors performed our opening dance and flash mobs to that song. Gotta love college! One things for sure, the Class of 2016 is going to take Saint Norbert College by storm for sure!

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