Track and the Easter Bunny

This past week provided an excellent transition into the weekend. I ended the week by being the first new admissions tour guide/student representative to finish their final steps for training! Greatness in the making for sure. On Thursday, SNC had our FIRST EVER home track and field meet down at the new Schneider Stadium! It was exciting to have people come out and see us race. Even with the cold winds, I would say it was definitely worth it. Since the beginning of outdoor season, I’ve been getting over injuries so I’ve been taking it easy so far. At the home meet though, I felt like a million bucks. I ran the 4 by 1, and the 200 and did well. I FINALLY got to run my first 400 METER DASH of the season and I did okay for a first time. I broke 52 seconds with a 51.68. Compared to my high school times, I’ve ran faster but it was fast enough to guarantee a first place win AND the title of stadium record holder for the 400. It was a rewarding night for sure. Everyone on the team did phenomenal that afternoon, despite the cold weather. We’re trying to show everyone, nothing will keep us down for long!

Easter Break was a nice four day weekend of relaxation. I went to visit friends for the first night, but I spent the majority of break at home, which was a surprise to Chris who had no idea I was even coming. We spent Easter with some family friends, eating a huge meal which was delicious! I caught up on sleep too which, for this college kid, was much needed. We got that Friday and Monday off of school which was nice. On top of that, we also had advisement day this past Thursday. Sure we pick classes and talk with our advisers, but it means a day without classes, projects, or tests, sign me up ASAP. I actually don’t have my advisement meeting until next Wednesday, so after 6AM practice, I went straight to bed AGAIN. Tori, Alex, Gabbie, Chantre, and I went to see “The Titanic” in 3D together which turned out to be good. Tori LOVES that movie (like cries when the previews come on and Celine Dion sings My Heart Will Go On!) so it was a nice treat for her. Basically, a great start to a “productive” day! This next weekend, the track team has a meet at Wisconsin Lutheran, so hopefully all goes well. Big things are in store for the team as the school year begins to wind down. On thing I’m excited for is my birthday, April 16th!! You only turn 19 once, so I’m gonna hopefully live it up big! Let’s see how that goes =)

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