First Outdoor Meet and Plans for Next Year

This past weekend, the track team got started up again and we had our first outdoor meet at Ripon and WE DOMINATED! Both the girls and guys teams took first place overall at the meets and we had a lot of great individual and relay races. My knee had been bothering me all week leading up to the meet, but it wasn’t anything really big. At the meet though, let’s just say I saw EVERYONE that I was running against cross the finish line. Coach should’ve probably said don’t let everyone pass you, let alone one person. I had to drop from my 4 by 400 meter relay team because of my knee which sucked because I hate giving up or quitting, but my team was right. I’d rather not run this one race than not run for the rest of the season. It’s fine now so hopefully I’ll be good for Carroll next week!

I just realize I am excited for the next school year to start. True, this one’s gone by so fast, but so much is happening next school year. I am working in Admissions as an OFFICIAL Student Representative. Now I’ll get paid for all of the things I’ve been volunteering for previously! I was told there is a packet to memorize. No, it’s more like reading the dictionary, but I actually think I nailed everything already. I’m ready to go and start every tour I have with “Here at St. Norbert College…” I’m going to be a pro at this. I’m also working as a S.T.A.R. mentor/coordinator next year, which if you weren’t able to tell from previous blogs, makes me excited. Then on top of all that, I can still do Student Government and work as a Connections tutor! Also, Alex, 6 other track guys, and I are all planning on living in Michel’s Service-Learning Hall next semester as roommates. I could not have asked for a better group to be rooming with. This is gonna be fun!

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