Spring Break

The week before Spring Break seemed like the longest week of my life and the week after Spring Beak went by way too fast! Time is just not on my side, but Spring Break was amazing so I can’t complain. These last couple of weeks, I’m glad I got to spend with friends. My friend Ben, is going off to Basic Training for the National Guards, so I got to spend time with him before he left. I also went back to Mooseheart to talk about experiences and successes in college to the juniors and seniors. It was nice visiting with my old roommate Brendon and my family teacher Jenise from high school. I also got to spend time with Kaitlyn Miller, Danny Haggerty, Danny Egan, Rebecca Liming, Nick Kemmler, and Sean Topacio( friends from St.Norbert) and went to a soccer game, had a bonfire, went out for Chinese, and toured Chicago on St. Patrick’s Day. Some Chicagoans don’t know how to act on St. Patty’s Day. There were so many people drunk off life in the park, it was amusing to watch. Good old Chicago! I had more bonfires with Sean and our friends, Maggie and Melissa then I can count. All this good weather only has me focusing on one thing: SUMMMER!!! One more month to bear through and I’m home sweet home. I can’t wait!

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