Winter Break

Winter break was definitely necessary and well deserved! Two whole weeks of relaxation and fun, so I can’t complain. Before leaving SNC, Tori, Alex, Amanda, Gabby, Chantre, and I did a Christmas photo shoot. Alex, Tori, and I came out with Christmas cards, so get ‘em while they’re hot. They also came to Chicago to visit me and we had a night on the town. I spend tons of time with my friends all around Chicago going to malls, movies, and parks. I went to Navy Pier, Outlet Malls, Water Tower, and got lost of few times, but what’s life without a little adventure here or there? I got to see my peer ministry team from home and we spent a day in downtown Chicago. We just had our Winter Forum retreat. Between the dance, formal dinner date, and drag queen pageant, it was a great weekend before school started. Love those guys!

Break had to end short though because of Track. I though having to be back on Jan 4th would be bad. I was SOO wrong. The track team is a riot! Sure practices were super hard. It’s boot camp after all, but we did so much team bonding. LOVE THE TEAM! When you play hide and go seek in a practically empty residence hall, add in hoodies and a Hayden Hoffman, take late night trips to Cold Stone, throw in a little Buffalo Wild Wings, last packer cleanup (PACKERS LOST), Bowling, Pizza Hut, team videos, THE MALL OF AMERICA, AND A track meet overnight in Minnesota, hotels and all, you’ll understand what it means to be a member of the SNC track team. Track is DEFINITELY worth it. Our goal this year is to win. We have the talent, so I feel like this is our year to do big things. If Coach Augustine believes we can, that’s good enough for me! For college track, I’m doing well. I’m definitely not as bad as I thought I would be, but there’s always room for improvement. My goal is to get to conference and nationals sometime. I like to dream big. What can I say?

The new semester is in full swing and things are going fast already. I’m doing Men’s Choir this semester and voice lessons. I started tutoring at the Boys and Girls Club at Fort Howard Elementary School as well as at Howe Elementary School. The exciting part of the semester is…drumroll please! I’ve have declared a major! The very first day of classes I dropped all my classes, got a new adviser, and became an education major. I’m doing early childhood. Crazy, I know, but I’m excited. I’m like an 18 year old version of these kids anyway, so PERFECT. Big things await this semester. Well, until next time readers, Over and Out!

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