Student Panel, Birthdays, and Volunteering!

This past week has been eventful to say the least. Remember the student panel I was telling everyone about? Well, I got asked back so I guess it can be assumed I did something right! Seriously though, it’s a good experience to talk about SNC from a personal experience. I remember being a senior in high school, visiting SNC, and seeing the student panel. It’s crazy when you’re the one answering the questions.

That same weekend, I went to volunteer for Make A Difference Day. M.A.D.D. is when students go out into the De Pere community and help local neighbors. My group thought was going to rake leaves for the elderly. We were sadly mistaken though. We ended up volunteering at a Goodwill type of place. I learned how to work a cash register and check out store customers. I’m pretty qualified for anything now!

That was also the weekend of my friend Kyle Joerres’ birthday. So Kyle’s girlfriend, Titi, Alex, and I made cheesecake and decked out his floor for him. We’re pretty good friends if I must say so myself. October 26th was Alex’s birthday so I had to top even Kyle’s birthday.

Sunday I went to church as usual, but then I went to take team pictures for track. I didn’t realize how big the team is, but we’re pretty legit. Can’t wait for the season to start.








I also started my first day of tutoring at Fort Howard Elementary school. I help out in a fourth grade classroom for an hour. Then I tutor two second graders and a kindergartener for thirty minutes each. I have fun working with kids though. I never thought of a career in education, but who knows. Well that’s all I got for next week readers. Who knows what the new week will bring, but until then..Over and Out!


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