Unexpected…amazing…hectic, yet fun? I think those are a few words to explain this weekend for me. Homecoming weekend pretty great though. Started off the weekend with Men of Distinction, which is always good. We got a talk about being student athletes, emphasis of the student part. I thought it was helpful. Then I went to the campus center which was packed that night with people and activities. When you mix live entertainment, a photo booth, games, the ALIVE team, and chances to win big prizes, what do you get? Fallfest! It was a lot of fun. It was like a pre-dance event before the Homecoming dance.

The Homecoming Dance went better than I expected. I know a lot of people didn’t want to go, but I’m glad I didn’t miss out. I could’ve bought my tickets online for $5, but I paid the full $7 upfront just so I would donate more. The dance went from 9pm-12am. My friend Chaz got to DJ for the night. He’s good at what he does. Then with more photo booths, live bands, dancing, my friends, and a surprise appearance by a certain someone, my night was amazing.

Now my Saturday morning, on the other hand, was is another story. After homecoming, I accidentally locked myself out of my room and didn’t realize it until 5am Saturday morning. Alex wasn’t home because he was at a cross country meet. The funny thing is he told me that I should leave the door unlocked because I MAY have locked myself out two or three times already, but who’s counting?  Lucky for me I have good friends. I didn’t get back into my room until 8am when I ask my R.A. Riley for the key. So got into my room and went to sleep till about 10am. Then I got up to go to the homecoming football game. As a member of SGA, I had to show team spirit so I got all decked out with Green Knight Pride. It was our job to get the fans excited. I EVEN GOT A BULLHORN!!  I got to dance with Norby the Knight, sing the national anthem with Men’s Choir, and cheer with the cheerleaders. Though I was tired and went to sleep early, I’d say mission accomplished!

Sunday, I went to church and then brunch afterwards. Then…I went to the PACKER CLEAN UP! Right after the game yesterday afternoon, the track team went down to Lambeau to clean. I think we cleaned the stadium in record time and we even got to clean all the trash off the field. I’d say it was worth it! Gotta get a little dirty to get what you want sometimes! Afterwards, my friends invited me to watch Matilda. Gotta love a good classic! Well time to start another week of midterms and homework. Tuesday, I start my first day of tutoring at Howe School and on Friday I get to do my first student panel for the college visit! I’ll let you know how it goes. Well until then readers, Over and Out!

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