There’s No Place Like Home

Long weekend for sure was not long enough. There was so much I wanted to do, but so little time. Alex, Edson Villela, Mary Close, Steph, and I all took a trip to Illinois. Edson is from¬†Minnesota, so he got a taste of Chicago! I think it was a good experience. Edson, Alex, and I went to Alex’s house, Homewood Flossmoor. He for sure is living the life. We met his family and they are so funny. The best part though was his dog, Phantom! His dog is awesome! On Thursday of long weekend, I went to St.Charles and Sean Topacio, Chaz Topacio, and I went to visit our friends from home. Sean and Chaz are brothers and I know them from home. We were in peer ministry together in high school so we got to go back to the group and see our friends. Best part of my trip. Saturday we went to see Munger Road, which is a scary movie based in St.Charles. Never watch that movie and sleep in a basement in St.Charles by yourself on the same night! My mind seriously plays tricks on me that night.

Also during Long weekend, I went back to where it began for me, Mooseheart. Homecoming weekend was amazing. I saw all my friends, old teachers, and my housemates and family teachers a.k.a. house parents(Mooseheart was a boarding school). Also, the Mooseheart Ramblers are now 7-0! It was a crazy game, 23-14. Congrats on making it to the playoffs for sure. I gave the coach and my old principal, Gary Urwiler, permission to beat my old high school, North Shore Country Day. He is also recognized as The Chicago Bears Coach of the Week. He honestly deserves it. He’s a great coach, teacher, and mentor. I learn a lot when he’s not making fun of me all the time. Great man though. One thing for sure is we’re doing big things! Keep up the good work.

I had a great weekend, hands down, but I guess the saying, “there’s no place like home” is true because I was happy to come back to school though. Great things await me at St.Norbert. I just got to figure what they are! This week is homecoming so I gotta prepare for that. Men’s Choir is singing at the homecoming game on Saturday. SGA (Student Government Association) is rallying up team spirit to support our Green Knight. I get a megaphone!! I’m loud enough without it though! Alex won’t be there though. Cross country has a meet that day. He’s throwing his own homecoming on Friday night on the bus ride to his CC meet. My partner in crime will be missed. Earlier in the week, Alex and I got ask to be in a photoshoot for SNC! We’re hoping to be the faces of SNC. No big deal or nothing. ¬†Well that’s all for now in the life of this Green Knight. I have a mock track meet tomorrow. The team is split into a black and a white team. I have to go get decked out in white for the occasion so I’m gonna get on that. So until next time readers, Over and Out!

But before we go, here’s a weird fact Tori’s roommate shared with me!

Amanda Recore, you’re hilarious!

1.) Here’s the world largest gummy worm(Who knows that?!) 3 pounds, 4,000 calories of fun! Gotta love College



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