Long Weekend

Another week down and over with! This week has been hectic with everything I’m involved with, but it’s finally over! Four days of freedom start today. Right now I have Philosophy to get through and a Calculus test to take, then I’m going home to CHICAGO!!! Alex and I are driving to Chicago. I’m crashing at his house tonight. Then tomorrow, Thursday, we’ll probably hang out in Chicago together. We were both asked to be student representatives for SNC at a college fair at Whitney Young High School in Chicago. Who better to ask then Alex and I? We know everyone and we’re in almost everything going on at SNC! We’re the perfect representatives. We’ll make you proud Norbie! Also, Sean Topocio and I went to school in the same area. So Friday morning, I’m going to St.Charles, Illinois, to hang out with Sean, visit our old friends, and have some fun! Sean, his roommate, Nick Kemmler, some of our other friends, Sarah St.John, Mackenzie Hazen, Steph Villanova, and I  are all going restaraunt, whatever that means. I just know I need to go home NOW.

I don’t get homesick, but I feel like I need a break to get away. I’m going to my old high school, Mooseheart, for their Homecoming. Right now, the Mooseheart Red Ramblers are 5-0. That in itself is a feat because we haven’t always been the best team. Our school was about 100 kids. I know, “tons of options.” I’m excited though. High school for me was home because it was a boarding school.  I get to see my “parents” that I had, my teachers, my old housemates, and my friends again. 2011 lives on. Well, on the way to philosophy so I have to go. I hope everyone enjoys Long Weekend, has safe travels, and gets back to campus safe. God Bless! Until next time readers, over and out.

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